Benefits of the American Beautyberry Plant

What is the American Beautyberry Plant?

Along with the benefits of the American beautyberry plant is some interesting history. Flowering from June to July, the American Beautyberry is found in many of the southeastern states. I am writing this because I just found two of them behind the cabin in East Texas. It’s an interesting plant. You can see in the photo that the plant has ovoid leaves with jagged edges, and the berries are purplish and clustered in bunches around the main stems. The plant is an important food source for birds and animals including:

  • raccoons
  • whitetail deer
  • gray foxes
  • wood rats
  • opossums
  • bobwhite quail
  • woodpeckers
  • cardinals
  • towhees
  • brown thrashers
  • robins
  • mockingbirds
  • squirrels
  • armadillos

There’s more though. Benefits of the American Beautyberry plant include these uses for medicinal purposes, many used by North American Indian tribes:

  1. The root bark decoction is used as a diuretic
  2. Colic has been treated with a tea made from the roots
  3. Root tea for stomach issues, diahrrea & dysentery
  4. Dropsy has been cured with the leaves
  5. Bathe in it to treat malaria, rheumatism, and fevers
  6. Bark and stems used to treat itchy skin

More on the health benefits of the American beautyberry can be found here.

Benefits of the American Beautyberry Plant as an Insect Repellent

Various Native American tribes for centuries have used beautyberry plants to repel insects, finding the plant particularly effective in repelling mosquitoes. Studies have borne this out.1 The studies also found it to be more effective than the highly toxic DEET chemical used for the same purpose.

Beautyberry Insect Repellent Ingredients

  • 4 ounces of rubbing alcohol
  • 1 cup of beautyberry leaves, crush them up
  • a couple of drops of your favorite body wash or spray

In a mason jar, cover the crushed leaves with the alcohol and let the mixture stand for 2 days. Strain the liquid off the leaves and discard the leaves. Add the body wash or spray drops. You can now put it into a spray bottle for convenient use as a mosquito repellent.

American Beautyberry Products for Garden, Kitchen & Medicine Cabinet

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