Lose Weight with Lemon and Bay Leaves — Digestive Issues

Thanks to The Lost Herbs website for the article that got me onto this experiment. I had been doing 21 miles per week on a treadmill and still couldn’t lose enough weight to count. I got the article in an email link and decided to give the lemon juice and bay leaf thing a try. This post is going to chronicle how it works for me. I’m writing it the first day, right after I made the first two doses, one for this evening before dinner and another for before breakfast in the morning.

Lose Weight with Lemon and Bay Leaves

Each of these two natural plants/fruits provides its own weight loss benefits.


That fat accumulated in your digestive system and abdomen is more than unsightly and annoying. It can contribute to type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Lemon targets that “active” fat by keeping you hydrated and boosting the breakdown of fats in your body. Another benefit is that lemon boosts your metabolism, and that helps in burning fat as well. Lemon water gives you a full feeling longer which helps in reducing your hunger and calorie consumption.

Lemon rinds are a rich source of pectin. Pectin is a soluble fiber that forms a gelatin-like mass in your stomach. This gives you that “full” feeling longer helping you to control your appetite. Thickening like jelly in the stomach, pectin slows the progress of food into and through the small intestine. This helps to reduce the highs and lows of blood sugar levels due to rapid absorption. Lemon peel reduces or stops the accumulation of fat, thus the claim that you can lose weight with lemon and bay leaves.

Bay Leaves

Bay leaves boost your metabolism as well. They absorb nutrients and help with calorie control. They have been found to reduce the amount of fat the body absorbs. Linalool, a compound in bay leaves, helps to relieve stress. Many people eat more when they are stressed, so this can help to control weight as well.

Testing the Ability to Lose Weight with Lemon and Bay Leaves

Thanks to the link above and the article at The Lost Herbs website, I used their recipe for a weight loss remedy using lemon and bay leaves. It’s really simple, requiring only one lemon and two bay leaves. The instructions say to make one batch to cover two doses and take one a half hour before breakfast and the other a half hour before dinner.

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