Medicinal Properties of Boneset, Eupatorium perfoliatum

Medicinal Properties of Boneset, Eupatorium perfoliatum

This herb is often used to treat fevers, chest colds, and flu. It is native to North America and a perennial. A member of the sunflower family, it is also known as feverwort. The flowers and leaves are both used for medicinal purposes. Drying them before use is recommended due to the possible toxicity of them when fresh. Medicinal properties of boneset are reported to include:

  • Laxative
  • Vasodilator
  • Emetic
  • Antispasmodic
  • Stimulant
  • Sweat inducer
  • Fever reducer
  • Purgative
  • Bile producer

Other medicinal properties of boneset explained more in detail include:

  • Malaria — Boneset promotes sweating, making it a popular Native American remedy because it associated the fever reducing properties of the herb with reducing its severity.
  • Colds, Flu, Bronchial Issues — Boneset is a viable choice for treatment of the common cold, flu, and bronchitis. It helps to reduce congestion and mucus for easier breathing. In addition to reducing phlegm, boneset can fight off bacterial and viral infections. Using a tincture of boneset, people have reported milder symptoms when they used the herb early when sick.
  • Typhoid and Yellow Fever — Though not greatly effective at treating yellow fever and typhoid, boneset reduces the fevers that accompany these diseases.
  • Breakbone Fever (Dengue Fever) — This is a mosquito-borne disease that is prevalent in tropical areas but expected to be more intrusive in the U.S. in the future. The disease involves high fevers with severe muscle and bone pain. Boneset helps to fight the disease, reduce the fever, and help with pain relief.

Warning: Do not use if pregnant or nursing or for young children.

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