Reishi Mushrooms: A Tasty, Healthy Option for Your Diet

You know that old saying, feed a cold and starve a fever? Well, it’s true. When you have the flu, your immune system is compromised and breaking down nutrients to fight off germs can be hard. That’s why when you have the flu, you want to reach for foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals. #Reishi mushrooms are an ideal food to feed your immune system during flu season.

In addition to being high in vitamins and minerals, reishi mushrooms help restore the balance of healthy bacteria in your gut. If you’re looking for ways to boost your immune system without taking prescription drugs or popping expensive vitamin supplements every day of the year, add more reishi mushrooms into your diet. Read on to learn more about this tasty, healthy option for your diet:

What are Reishi Mushrooms?

Reishi mushrooms are a fungus grown in China and Japan. The fungus is believed to have medicinal properties that support immune health, immune system function, and longevity. The reishi mushroom has been a part of traditional Asian medicine for thousands of years and is used as a dietary supplement.

Of the more than 200 species of mushrooms available, reishi is one of the most potent. The fungus is found in the forests of China and is different from other mushrooms in that it grows on tree roots. The fungus is harvested by cutting off the roots and then drying the mushrooms out in the sun.

Reishi mushrooms have a distinct, pungent smell. A reishi mushroom’s smell and taste can vary depending on the variety, location in the forest, and climactic conditions of the season. The mushrooms are brown, white, or yellowish and have a granular texture.

Benefits of Reishi Mushroom intake

Let’s bullet a couple of more health benefits:

  • Immune System Boosting — Reishi mushrooms contain several antioxidants, including beta-glucan, which is shown to help boost the immune system. It’s also been shown to help increase the number of natural Killer T-cells (a type of immune cell) in the body.
  • Healthy Gut Bacteria — Many individuals struggle with imbalances in their gut bacteria. This is commonly caused by antibiotics, stress, or diet. Studies have shown that people who regularly consume reishi mushrooms have increased populations of healthy gut bacteria. This could be a beneficial effect of the antioxidants found in reishi mushrooms or a result of consuming a probiotic food.

Reishi Mushroom for Immune System Boosting

Immune cells in the body — Immune system cells called “killer T-cells” are key players in helping the body fight infections. They target and destroy foreign pathogens, like bacteria and viruses. But Killer T-cells also need regular maintenance to stay healthy.

Should You Buy Reishi Mushrooms?

Since reishi mushrooms are sold as a dietary supplement, you’ll want to make sure you’re buying a quality product. It is difficult to impossible to get good fresh reishi. Most people buy supplement products that provide the health benefits. Look for a label that indicates the product is reishi mushroom extract, not the whole fungus.

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The supplement industry is unregulated, so you’ll want to make sure reishi mushroom supplements are produced under high quality control standards. Good manufacturers will undergo comprehensive testing for purity and potency.

Keep in mind that there are many reishi mushroom products available, so make sure to research the brand you’re considering. Make sure the supplement is produced by a reputable company and look for ingredients that indicate it contains reishi mushroom extract. If you’re not comfortable purchasing reishi mushroom supplements online, you can find them at health food stores or some grocery stores.

How to Cook With Reishi Mushroom Powder

The health benefits of reishi mushrooms are evident in the mushroom’s crunchy texture and strong mushroomy smell. While reishi mushrooms are commonly used as a supplement, they can also be added to your diet via a variety of foods.

  • Nuts — Reishi mushroom powders have been mixed into various nut mixes, but they can also be added to nuts during the cooking process. The reishi mushrooms provide a nutty taste while providing significant health benefits.
  • Salads — Many reishi mushroom products are made into a powder form that can be added to salads. Reishi mushrooms have a strong aroma and a mild mushroom flavor that complement salads made with fresh vegetables. Try mixing reishi mushroom powder into a kale salad or adding it to a veggie quinoa salad.
  • Toasted Cereals — Reishi mushrooms can be added to your daily cereal routine. They provide a nutty flavour that complements the sweetness of many cereals.

Wrapping Up

There’s a good chance you’re feeling sick at times every winter. The cold weather can make you feel run down and depressed, and it’s easy to get caught up in feeling bad about yourself.

Reishi mushrooms are a tasty, healthy option for boosting your immune system and repairing your gut bacteria. They can be added to your daily diet via foods, supplements, or even mushroom-infused tea.

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