Repel Mosquitoes with Herbs

Stop Using Chemical Bug Repellent

Why repel mosquitoes with herbs when highly effective repellents are easy to buy? Modern science can create products that effectively repel or kill mosquitoes. Unfortunately, they often contain chemicals that studies have shown to have harmful effects on humans.

In an article at titled Chemicals of Concern in Bug Repellentthis quote tells us a lot: “One study found that permethrin and DEET, either in combination or alone, were linked to the death of neural cells in various parts of the brain which may lead to many physiological and behavioral issues, including problems with motor skills, learning and memory.”

With that in mind, falling back on Mother Nature for help, we find that there are herbal and plant solutions that can repel mosquitoes and keep that outdoor fun free of bites.

Repel Mosquitoes with Herbs

The good news is that you can enjoy that pool party without annoying buzzing and bites if you repel mosquitoes with herbs. There are several herbs and plants that are offensive to mosquitoes, but one that’s been proven to be highly effective is chamomile. Chamomile as a mosquito repellent is both offensive to mosquitoes and not annoying or difficult to prepare and use.

Prepare your chamomile mosquito repellent: Take a quart of water and add 7 ounces of chamomile flowers. Boil the mixture for 30 minutes and once it cools, you have your mosquito repellent. You can rub it on your skin or use a spray bottle to apply and rub it in. It’s got a nice smell for humans, but mosquitoes hate it.

While chamomile is arguably the best approach, there are other herbs and plants that can help you to repel mosquitoes. Most are aromatic, and mosquitoes hate the smell:

  • basil
  • rosemary
  • citronella
  • mint
  • lavender

Throw out those chemical repellents and repel mosquitoes with herbs and plants. Nature is always ready to help.

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